Pinterest More Popular Form of Sharing than Email

Technology—cell phones, computers, the Internet—is an ever-growing, ever-changing industry.  Just over a decade ago many users still had dial-up and the Internet, as we know it today, was just taking off.  Email, electronic mail sent through cyberspace and arriving in a matter of minutes rather than days, was the newest craze.  Through all the changes and progress that has been made email has remained a constant tool of communication between friends, family, and co-workers; however, new data suggests that amid the countless forms of sharing and social media sites email is in decline.… Read the rest

Case Study Warns of the Dark Side of Online Reputation Management

the dark side Companies and individuals with solid online reputations are not safe from attack by unscrupulous competitors or vengeful individuals. Elixir Interactive has published a case study documenting a systematic and malicious smear campaign waged against the company’s brands since early 2010. The goal of the study is to reveal the tactics that can be used to intentionally damage a brand as well as provide an example of how to defend against them.… Read the rest

Manage Your Online Identity

identityWhen it comes to using the Internet and the latest in digital technology, there has never been a generation more plugged in than the current one. Connections are easily obtained through smart phones or the local coffee shop and the number of social media accounts is well into the billions. With so much accessibility, it is more important than ever to take an active role in managing your online identity.

Social media is one of the largest mediums for sharing pictures, making friends, and networking with professionals in your field.… Read the rest

How Your Business Can Use Twitter

laptopTwitter baffles most people. It is often asked: why would anyone care about what you are doing? This goes even more so for companies. Most people who aren’t on twitter already think of it as being something that you add on there things like “I just finished another piece of paperwork for the new clients.” It isn’t like that for most companies though. When you have someone with enthusiasm tweeting about the company, it is contagious and other people will want to share your enthusiasm.… Read the rest

Social Media Metrics for Marketers

Social Media Metrics for Marketers

Metrics are necessary for measuring the return on investment and success of various marketing campaigns. They are especially important for online social media campaigns, which can be difficult to assess without the proper tracking networking

The worthiness of a social media campaign will depend on many factors. Sales conversion is a critical indicator, but any online interaction is a positive sign. The number of “Likes”, “Shares”, and “Comments” on a Facebook status are all different metrics of how well it was received.… Read the rest

Video Sharing for Business

If you’re a business owner or company manager you will already be aware of the enormous importance placed on marketing and public image. What progressive managers of agencies of all types, whether governmental, non-profit or for profit, have known for years is the tremendous benefit of video sharing. There are some web hosting sites that are specifically developed to support videos and video sharing is one of the fastest growing means of communication in most industries.… Read the rest

Social Networking for Business

You don’t have to be on the cusp of the latest technological trend to realize the popularity of social networking. Tens of millions of individuals in the United States alone are connected to at least one social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Although many people have personal accounts, social networking is also a vital tool for running a successful, modern business.

In the past advertising consisted primarily of print ads and television commercials or radio spots.… Read the rest

Social Media and Racing

Social media sites are great if you want to keep up with friends, relatives, or your favorite brands or bands, but what, exactly, does social media do for motorsports?  Well, for one, it helps teams, drivers, and everyone involved stay in touch with fans, you know, figure out what the former likes and wants to see more of.  Also, social media is really handy for delivering race news, photos, and race videos as they happen, rather than the day after an event.… Read the rest

How to Use Social Media

With all of the advances and new innovations in the realm of computers and technology, social media is one trend that isn’t slowing down. LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook are just a few of the social media sites that are adding hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of new users daily. Regardless of your reasons for joining–personal or business –it won’t be effective, and could be detrimental, if you don’t know how to use social media to your advantage.… Read the rest

Why Social Media?

Since the invention of the Internet in the 1960’s as a shining idea that really took hold in the 1990s with the creation of th worldwide web, the functionality and accessibility of the ‘Net for the average user has increased. This is especially true with the creation of social media. Social media has opened doors for countless individuals and groups to make their voices heard and has empowered them to reach new audiences in a way that they never would have imagined before.… Read the rest